blind by buschic

The End & a New beginning

Hi everyone..

After over a month of soul searching, I've decided to leave LJ, yep, I know, I've been here exactly 9 years, today, marks a sad end for a beloved blog..

After LJ being down, so many times, with little to no indepth explanation from LJ themselves, I've decided to leave, as many of my friends have..

I really lost respect for Lj, after Brad F left, then after  si apart sold it, LJ went to shit in my opinion, also most of the off site app developers have quit working on their apps & programs.. But do not worry, I'm not gone from the internet blogging atmosphere, I've simply moved to WORDPRESS..

So for those of you looking for the archive of my blog, go look for

my CURRENT blog..

May each of you find peace & happiness in your lives..